car accident when should you take pics

The Importance of Taking Pictures After a Car Accident.

The Importance of taking pictures after a car accident When you are in a car accident, the steps needed to document the accident are probably the last thing on your mind. Your first thoughts are probably getting treatment for your injuries and how you are going to go back to work and get your vehicle […]

How Your Age Effects Your Application For Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Many people have questions about how their age would affect their application for disability.  Some people have heard that it is harder to get disability the younger you are. This is true. There is a five step process to determine if a Claimant is awarded disability benefits. To prove that you are […]

How much does an attorney cost for a car accident case?

  A big question many victims in car accidents have is how much it will cost to hire an attorney. Many people don’t even seek out an attorney because they don’t believe they can pay for one. Every attorney is different and has their own policy for charges. Most attorneys handle car accidents on what […]

What are the rules to make sure there are no sleepy truck drivers?

Nearly 4000 people are killed each year in tractor-trailer accidents. The federal government established hours of service rules because truck driver fatigue is one of the highest causes of these tractor-trailer accidents in the United States. In a bid to provide the truck drivers with rest and sleep, and to reduce truck accidents due to […]

What in the world is a “Dram Shop” action?

What in the world is a “Dram Shop” action? When someone is injured by a drunk driver, they may recover damages from the drunk drivers’ car insurance company. They may also have a dram shop action against businesses that served the drunk driver alcohol  when they person was visibly intoxicated or underage. Those suits brought […]

As SC Workers’ Compensation Act turns 80, Some Large Companies Want to Opt-Out..

[su_heading]South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act Turns 80 and Big Business is trying to Opt-Out.[/su_heading] The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission turned 80 year old on September 1, 2015. In light of the anniversary, the time is right for a review of the significance of the workers’ compensation system. At the turn of the 20th century, […]

How long do I have to give notice to my employer that I hurt myself at work?

How long do I have to give notice to my employer that I hurt myself at work?

How long do I have to give notice to my employer that I hurt myself at work? Sometimes injured workers do not report their on-the-job injury right away. There can be any number of reasons for delayed reporting. Sometimes a supervisor is not available. Sometimes the worker does not realize they are injured until later. […]